Mahickra Chemicals Limited continues to play a leading role in the manufacturing of dyestuffs in India with the intent to further strengthen its position for its quality products. With our decades of experience and extensive industry knowledge, we have been able to face the challenges of the global market place and deliver quality products in adherence to market standards and parameters.

Colour materials utilized in different material businesses various color material are being utilized in the material business relying upon the assortment of fiber. • Cellulose fiber: Direct colors, Reactive colors, Vat colors, azo colors, Sulfide colors. • Wool: Acid colors • silk: Direct colors, Acid colors.

What is Dyes?

It is a process of coloring fibers Colouring is the way toward adding shading to material items like strands, yarns, and textures. Colouring is regularly done in an uncommon arrangement containing dyes and a specific compound material. In the wake of coloring, dye molecules have a whole concoction bond with fiber atoms.

The coloring is prehistoric craftsmanship which existed before composed records. Sources uncover that it was performed amid the Bronze time frame in Europe. Primitive coloring methods experience repetitive errands of adhering plants to texture or cleaning pounded shades into material goods. Through time, the procedure turned out to be increasingly advanced. Afterward, we see regular colors from squashed natural products, berries just as different plants. These were bubbled into the texture and gave light and furthermore water quickness (opposition) to the string fiber.

At last, there is the thing that we call manufactured just as normal colors. Engineered passes on are man-made colors and are characterized by their concoction creation just as the strategy for their application in the coloring procedure. Normal colors, then again, are ordered into three sorts: regular colors that originate from plants and are called Indigo; those that originate from creatures are called cochineal, and those that were picked up from minerals are called Ochre.

You may be marveling then how do producers think of these shaded materials that are utilized in making your most loved shirt or that blurred pants that you see regularly worn by various children holding tight the burger shop over the road.

Mahickra Chemicals Limited is one of the leaders among manufacturers and suppliers & exporter of Dyestuffs. Mahickra Chemicals Limited continues to play a leading role in the manufacturing of Recative Dyes in India which offered the best quality of chemical colours at affordable prices.

  1. Reactive Dyes
  2. Acid Dyes
  3. Direct Dyes
  4. Pigment Powder And Emulsion
  5. Speciality Chemical
  6. Synthetic Food

If you’re seeing dyes for your business, Mahickra Chemicals Limited can help you out. We have a catalog of different eco-friendly, affordable, and easy to apply dyes that are suitable for various types of materials. Head over to our products section or get in touch with us to know more for inquiry.

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