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Mahickra Chemicals Limited is one of the leaders among manufacturers and suppliers & exporter of Dyestuffs.

Mahickra Chemicals Limited continues to play a leading role in the manufacturing of dyestuffs in India with the intent to further strengthen its position for its quality products. With our decades of experience and extensive industry knowledge, we have been able to face the challenges of the global market place and deliver quality products in adherence with market standards and parameters.

Mahickra Chemicals Limited production facilities are strategically located in the heart of chemical industrial zone VATVA, Ahmedabad that provides comparative ease and convenience to effectively utilize the Common Effluent Treatment Plant to further treat outlets.

  • Quality Control

    Whatever be user specification or quantity desired, our expertise and quality of service always remain the same. Modern production and techniques and flexible processes and procedures allow us to offer efficient service for small batch as well as large orders. Our products have already made an impact in the local market as well as in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, South Africa, Russia, Italy, Turkey, U.S.A., Indonesia, and Korea, through direct and different good Merchant exporters.

  • Business Philosophy

    MAHICKRA CHEMICALS LIMITED is a customer-oriented company and works with the objective of achieving maximum customer satisfaction. The company has adopted innovative procedures and practices to meet customer expectations every time they deal with us. Strongly believe in long-term relations and business tie-up and also believe in mutual growth and support for bright prospects of MAHICKRA customer and MAHICKRA itself. We always welcome any feedback or suggestions from clients in order to serve them better.

  • Research And Development

    The Advanced Research and Development & new Product Development is one of the reasons for us to become the market leader in the Dyes & Pigment Industry today.

    Our regular R & D help us to produce Global Standard of consistent quality. We have the Air Pollution Control up to rules and regulations by the government. We are also conscious of safety in all respects. Contact us today

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